Extend your PDF data security

Detect sensitive data leakage sources and disclosure policy violations with this easy to use service

How does it work?

Upload your PDF file

Upload a PDF file that you don't want to be disclosed to the third-party and indicate the entity it is going to be released to.

PDF processing

BreachTracer service digitally signs the file and lets you download a processed PDF file that you can release to the entity later.

Tracing the breach source

As soon as you get your PDF document from somebody else who is not supposed to be in possession of that file, you can upload the file to BreachTracer and it will show you whom the file was originally released to.


Highly secure

Our servers are configured according to the industry best practices in security and we closely monitor them for any anomalies.


We don't keep any of the files you uploaded through the service. Everything is being processed on the fly. As soon as you download the processed file, all the traces of it are deleted from the server.

Easy to use

Just three simple steps to follow: upload PDF file, write down the entity name this file is going to be released to and download processed file for further distribution.

Adds points for compliance

By implementing BreachTracer service as a part of your content control policy, you can cover for part of compliance requirements your organization is facing, like GDPR, CCPA and others.

Friendly support

We understand taking the first steps at using a new service might not be easy, that's why our friendly customer support is always ready to answer your questions about BreachTracer.

Free Trial

Not ready to purchase the subscription yet and just want to test if BreachTracer service is right for you? We've got you covered with our Free Trial plan!

Why do you need BreachTracer service?

In the digital age, almost all the documents we work with are electronic, which makes it so easy and convenient to share them. Not all of the documents are meant to be shared with everyone though. Some may contain personal information, commercial data, get limited by a non-disclosure agreement or simply intended to be used internally. That's why companies and institutions implement expensive Content Control and DLP (Data Loss Prevention) systems as a part of Data Protection plan. Data privacy regulations, such as GDPR require you to ensure sensitive data is properly managed. BreachTracer is aimed to help with the PDF file sharing policy enforcement, at the stage when the information was already leaked and you need to identify on which party is the source of the leak to take appropriate policy enforcement, legal and damage control measures. Our service will help with this and at a fraction of a cost.